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Our Image of Camp Camp Nor'Wester

Quenching our Thirst: How a Water Bottle Helps Fulfill our Mission

Our Camp Store, called Trader Horn, doesn't have many bells and whistles - basic sundries, limited candy and food choices, navy hoodies with our proud eagle logo and water bottles. I say with confidence that our multi-colored water bottles have found their place in our culture, and to remove them would perhaps cause an unsettling quake among our community.

Even if campers and staff come with their own water bottles, everyone wants one - it is a calling. Not only is hydration encouraged (well, pushed!) through ownership, but also pride in our people, calling them to stand proud with the Nor'wester logo. Campers feel good about being 'that kid' with water bottle in hand everywhere they go, and end up using this seemingly mundane and practical item for a multitude of purposes.

Our water bottles are life-giving. They are staples in our community. They are the talking circle piece, the rollers of dough when making pizza, the holders of duct tape on trips up Mount Baker, the guiding light on the front of the kayak. They evoke the image of camp through photos and help define what is important to us.

Yes, beyond quenching our thirst, our multi-colored (and glow in the dark!) water bottles inspire a calling to community as we play out our mission day by day, moment by moment - helping us connect and stay healthy, be creative and playful, be prepared and ready within the wilds of our rustic, outdoor environment.

Thank you, Outfit Your Logo, for being part of our Nor'wester community and providing an excellent and inspiring product!

Sheila Talon
Camp Nor'Wester


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